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Residence. Lakeside Mansions
Employment. Screenwriter

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23rd Sep, 2018

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Lakeside Mansion

Jeremiah March

21st Sep, 2018

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The estranged sister: You Jeremiah have had a rocky childhood. You didn't learn until this year that he was only your half-brother. You've always felt that he was on a path that was going to ruin his life, but recently you find yourself feeling a little sorry for him. You track him down to Repose to try to get him to get his life back on track, and hey, when his house has six bedrooms, why the hell wouldn't you move in, estranged relationship or no?

His Writing Agent: Jeremiah doesn't write your paycheck, and you don't know the whole history, but you know it could make a far better story than what you've seen from him thus far. In fact, you've seen very little from him thus far - what is he doing in that house all day? Maybe you can get him to find out.

The Ex: (open to either gender) For the past decade of his life, Jeremiah has lived in Seattle. He also slept around a ton. You remember him as charming and personable, outgoing and warm, and not remotely the quiet reclusive person that he's become. Perhaps you were one of his one or two night stands, or perhaps you were one of the slightly longer (3 months or so) relationships. Regardless you know he isn't quite who he is presenting to Repose.

15th Sep, 2018

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Residence. Lakeside Mansions
Employment. Screenwriter

player.sabrina • timezone.pacific





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AGE 28 (July 11)
HAIR Brown, curly
EYES Green
HEIGHT 6'01"
WEIGHT 160lbs
OCCUPATION who really knows?
  • He's very particular about his coffee, and he knows what he's talking about. And if you're a barista and you don't, he's likely to tell you about it.
  • He is notably picky about the vegetables and fruits at the supermarket. He's been known to walk away with a look of disgust if things aren't perfect.
  • His typical manner of dress is chinos and a oxford shirt. He dresses fashionably - he's someone who clearly knows style.
  • He can be seen doing Yoga on the dock near the lake in the morning hours.
  • He has a cat, Espresso, and a dog, Heart, neither are seen typically, but he buys them cat and dog food so presumably.

    See also, the GOSSIP section below.

  • ENFJ-T
    Charismatic and passionate, but also sensitive, and idealistic, self-esteem is easily knocked.
    Jeremiah has never done well as a solitary creature and now in Repose he is without friends or family nearby with a house large enough for another half dozen people. And yet people bring the potential of recognition and conflict. Once outgoing, personable, empathetic and observant, Jeremiah has turned inward of recent. He's observant, which can at least be turned towards his possible writing career, and he’s never minded being a little idiosyncratic. But gone is the easily idealistic, charismatic social butterfly, he was once - replaced with someone a little more haunted; fed by deep insecurities and driven by shame.

    Maybe he’s doing penance. Maybe he’s waiting to die. Maybe he really isn’t certain, because his life was supposed to be different – if not charmed, then hard worth was supposed to pay off into something resembling fame and fortune – and he’s not sure how to pick the pieces up again. And maybe despite the lawyers and the relatively easy punishment, Jeremiah isn’t certain he shouldn’t be punished more harshly, so he’s doing it to himself. His father didn’t let him fall through the cracks, but he’s not certain what to do now that he’s been saved.

    👍 personable
    👍 empathetic
    👍 outgoing
    👍 focused
    👍 observant

    👎 self-absorbed
    👎 single-minded
    👎 rowdy
    👎 insecure
    👎 shallow
    Who is Jeremiah March?
    The following facts are known:

    OCCUPATION Writer (probably) MANSION Bought by someone other than Jeremiah (probably)

    HOMETOWN Somewhere not here?
    Nobody seems to know where he came from before he moved into the house overlooking the lake, and he rarely seems to come out and talk to people, but that doesn’t stop people from talking.

    “What does he do all day? He must be on the run from the law.” “Whatever he is, he’s filthy rich, the McMorris family built that house to be the house of their dreams so there is no way they put it up for sale. They were offered two times its value.” “I thought it was three?” “Humph. Trust fund kids.” “Or he’s a mob boss.” “Don’t be absurd.”

    “He’s super particular about his coffee. He gets a delivery on his doorstep every Monday.” “A delivery of coffee?” “Yes, it comes from a particular store, at least two pounds.” “He goes through two pounds of coffee a week? You’re making that up.” “Swear on my Daddy’s grave.”

    “Doesn’t he look really familiar?” “I think he looks like that singer.” “What singer?” “Oh, you know, that one with the hit that keeps playing on the radio?” “What hit?” “Oh, you know, dum, dum bububum.” “There is no hit like that.” “No, there is, you know dum, dum bubbbuum.” “I cannot even continue with this conversation right now.” “Dum dumbu-” “You are so OFF KEY please stop.”

    “Hugh something.” “What?” “That’s who he looks like.” “No. I don’t think so, he’s not Hugh Jackman.” “Not Jackman?” “Then Hugh … ?” “Not who, Hugh.” “That’s what I said.” “You said who.” “I said he’s not Hugh Jackman, that’s all I said.”

    “I heard he doesn’t even own the house, someone else bought it.” “Well that figures. Some people have all the luck.”

    “Geraldine passed by there the other night in her boat, and you know the house was all lit up.” “Was he having a party?” “No.” “Oh, well that’s –” “He was dancing.” “By himself?” “Geraldine said it was like watching Fred Astaire without Grace Kelly.” “Well, why would you do that?” “Oh my lord the point, it has escaped you.”

    “They said he walked into the antique shop and bought the largest writing desk they had there. And an old typewriter.” “Does he fancy himself Earnest Hemingway or something?” “Wasn’t that Fitzgerald?” “What?” “Writing in the old mansion? Fitzgerald?” “I don’t think I understand.” “There was that film, with all the parties, and that guy from Titanic.” “No. No, I think that was Oscar Wilde.” “He’s British.” “So?” “Oh, never mind.”

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